Wake Up

Wake Up

Track 01. Wake Up
(Written by Yuki Kaka/Composed by Jason Arikid)

Track 02. Radio Beautifies My Life (aka 聲音擁抱生活)

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聲音擁抱生活 (Radio Beautifies My Life)

Written by ZHANG Yan
Composed by Jason Arikid
All Vocals by Jason Arikid
Produced by Jason Arikid

#微風輕拂  你哼唱的這一首歌我輕輕來和
仰望天空你傳來的那份祝福  我合手緊握

放慢行進中的腳步  讓你陪伴我縱情地走著
記錄下此時的感動  來守候一份永恆的承諾

@歡聲笑語流轉  夢想在電波中穿梭
歌聲迴響耳畔  用心銘記美好時刻
Fly my dreams over the air. Let me hear you more and more.
聲音擁抱生活  我愛南開校園廣播@#

新聞資訊準時到達  編織快樂相聲笑話
音樂電影別樣風景  情感生活為心靈著色(X4)

(Repeat ## @@)

Track 03. Wake Up (Instrumental)

Track 04. Radio Beautifies My Life (Instrumental)

Release Date: April 23, 2007


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