Time to Graduate

Time to Graduate

Time to graduate has come out of the blue.
First of all, I’m gonna say something true.
To the teachers who are toiling day and night:
I’m eager to hold y’all tight!
To the roommates who are leaving for their separate ways:
All the time, I expect to keep you under my gaze!
To Dear Fellows and my best friends:
Forever never comes ’til love between us ends!
To my bosom friends who are flying to the other side of the world:
You don’t know how sad I would be if autumn leaves around me twirled.
If tomorrow comes, when everybody I know here disappears,
Don’t laugh at my weep though boys hardly shed tears.
We used to complain about the unsavory food at a campus dining hall.
That taste is part of our memories and also unique when
you try to recall.
We used to stay up late and watch a boring film together.
And we used to run a long long way through the stormy weather.
However, it’s time for us to say goodbye.
Bottom up, every girl and every guy!
Take a sip of the sparkling wine,
Forget the sorrow all down the line!
Discard all the unpleasant past,
Only our future will always last.
The final words to close my rhyme:



Before break of dawn

Let your dagger pierce into my chest

On the gorgeously prepared bed

Of ninety-nine hundred full-blown roses

Do these roses gather beneath for me?

Some Fans Have Got PHD

Her fans say they know everything of her
Her height, her weight and her character
They are constant purchasers of her recent release
They spend parents’ money on her films and CD’s

Once there’s factually a sex photos scandal
She’s involved, weak as a winking candle
Fans refuse to believe it’s true
To anyone talking of her they must boo

“She is the victim! She is the victim!”
“She’s my angel and impossibly the reported bim!”
Fans are scattered voicing their stuffy resistance
As if her innocence were of vital significance

“I used to be very naive and very silly.”
“I thank my fans, friends and company.”
She was smiling without a single expected tear
As if on hearing the words people should collectively cheer

Didn’t she clearly admit? Yes, maybe.
Weren’t fans dumbfounded? Just partially.
The rest are still speaking a defensive language
Thus I say some fans have got Permanent Head Damage



Tear me into pieces
The way I tore your love
At last my body freezes
You’ll no more deem me rough
How come I was so fed up
That I wished I hadn’t known you
Spilling the coffee in my cup
You hopped into the hustling crew
The mezzanine where we once had lunch
Is shut as if it goes into liquidation
The promise of the mysterious flower bunch
Remains in the inverse hallucination
There is a mountain
Tens of thousands of feet high
By the clear fountain
I utter nothing but a sigh
Though our sights are disconnected
I’m awfully sorry but I won’t climb
Before guilt makes my ego infected
I’m scratching this unspeakable rhyme
Tear me into pieces
The way I tore your heart
Unless memory decreases
I’ll no more deem you smart

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