Can You Read My Eagerness

The date has been set on Saturday, May 16th, for the upcoming high school reunion. Aleen tried her best to call on as many classmates and teachers as she could to make the reunion fantastic. But I’ll be alone due to the omnipresent work. At that time, they will be screaming/bellowing in a KTV room right after a buffet while I will be on my way to Tanggu.

As is often the case, I’ve let many a chance to attend such reunions slip by. I always state that I am busy. Actually I never tell lies about it because I’m no less eager than the others to attend a reunion. I like to party, to see the crowd and to make new friends. However busy I am, friends make me feel all right.

Money in hand, a man who cannot even get an hour to spend the bucks is a miserable loser. That concept has recently immersed me into thinking what kind of job suits me fine. On the scales it’s no easy job to balance money with freedom and thus a man will never claim success unless he finds the balance point.

Yellow Ribbons Tied Up

It’s May 12th, 2009.
A year earlier, the quake, Sichuan, China.
The scene we’d rather forget.
On my way to dorm, I saw yellow ribbons.
They were tied to trees, posts and bridges, though not delicate.
May they bring’em peace and love.
There’s never a way to make up such destruction.
Yet I do hope people put the pep back in their lives as well as their loved ones.
No matter what the life will be, faith will save them in the end.

According to an official announcement, the mourning period will be 2:38pm-2:40pm today.
People gotta be dressed in plain and quiet colors, stay still, keep silent and regain the sorrow.

Some Food is Worse Than Dung

Ages ago, a dinner I had at 久粥源 turned me off and immediately I decided not to drop in any more. There was a time I even made a detour when encountering the horrible logo hanging by the road. Known as an amiable man I find it difficult to make any harsh decision. But such a dining experience was enough to enrage me.

Today, however, I fucked myself there. Trying to fill myself up with some cold oatmeal, I boldly got in. I let out a cry when I saw how the jerks made the “Sugar Lotus Seeds Oatmeal”. Merely rice, rice, and rice… The only two lotus seeds were not an obstacle for a math idiot like me. Some 8 mins later another dish (孜然雞蛋炒XX, I forgot it) was served. Mmmm… What a well-done dung!!! I tasted a bit before I knew I couldn’t finish it.

I rose and sighed for the RMB15.00 they charged me. When she came up to clear the table, the waitress was dumbfounded as if I should have finished it all. That little intake did not correspond to my build but would they like to think why?

I SHALL FOREVER remember the decision I wisely made.
久粥源, head for Hell!

Intimacy of the Sin

It was really stunning when I was told that a newcomer teacher had just devoted her twat to a boy student’s prick after an orgy in a bar. We met a week ago and she was impressive for her erotic dressing that could arouse boys’ stiff sticks. That was our first meet and maybe the last since the boy has told a lot of people (inside our school) about the juicy night they have spent. Will she be coerced into quitting teaching? It’s pretty predictable.

Well guys, I gotta say it’s by no means a sensation to know someone has sex with another. Truly, I’d rather it had happened between John and a whore.

Gonna Quit

I’ve been long thinkin’ of quittin’ but actually seem not to have made a full decision for I’m still feelin’ attached to the ones I know and care for. Yet I find it necessary to drop the page for the ridiculously inevitable reasons below:

#1. The pal list contains various dimensions. Every time I blogged, the utterance would get to those unexpected visitors.

#2. I love my life and treasure every little spark in it. But the content is often abused.

#3. Friendship will neither be dampened nor strengthened due to the existence of

#4. I don’t need to be understood as for art. No fans but soulmates make me feel alright. And art is the only medium.

#5. is no less commercial than you could imagine. I never expect to get meat from a tiger’s mouth.

#6. I’m not about to expose all about my life tho’ it sucks sometimes.

#7. Truths hurt; lies hurt. Bullshits don’t hurt so that is popular.

#8. I really don’t know what to do on It’s not my way to voyeurize pictures of girl friends and instead, I’m being disturbed by strange girls even guyz.

#9. I never review the stuff I share. Remember this famous quote: Too much information makes a world of rubbish. —- by Jason Arikid

#10. I got a quiet blog here: I’m used to thinkin’ and writin’ in English other than other languages. Comment on my blog? I never wish to have you do that.

I think I’m gonna quit since it’s no good place to linger at. I know u guyz must be smart enough to sense my stay. Good luck!

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